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Causes of Weight Gain after Dieting

Is this you have happened to you? You're three months on a strict diet was, perhaps in preparation for the summer or maybe just to have a better figure to lose a few kilos. And it works! You've finally reached your ideal weight, but after a few weeks, you will notice that you still arrive again.

Why is this so often the case? Have we done something wrong? We will in this article explain what the most common causes of weight gain when we least expect it.

Causes of Weight Gain after Dieting

Causes of Weight Gain after Dieting

1. Skipping meals lead to weight gain

Here is a simple example to understand why: Imagine that your girlfriend wants to lose weight fast for summer. To do she begins her own regimen, which is not more than skip dinner this little breakfast and all snacking throughout the day what they encounter, so they eat anything when they come home.

Causes of Weight Gain after Dieting

During the day there are 10 to 12 hours passed without them eating something, making the body into a kind of coming alert state and it will search for energy reserves, where they can even be found. But the body back to normal status returns, the opposite happens.

Your body will quickly the energy reserve which it had lost to replenish a new situation in which the body's state of emergency is going to occur. That is what our friend is doing is not healthy. We should not just eat nothing all day or keep up with two meals a day. Our body perceives this as a threat and our brains that give a response.

2. The dangers of low-calorie diets

In this case, we have the classic case of these strict diets which they or recommend five meals a day, but the meals they recommend are not in balance and have almost no nutritional value. The diets that suggest you less than 1200 calories per day to eat or those who advise you to eat only carbohydrates or protein are especially dangerous. 

This is very unhealthy for our health. Normally you only do these diets for a short time, two or three weeks, for example, and it is common for you after your ideal weight has achieved magically still comes back when you return calories are going to eat, even if you only some of it gets inside.

Please note why this happens. This kind of strict diets reduce the glycogen level of the body, allowing the body this substance will search for other sites and you know where it is found? In our muscles, our cartilage ... from these areas can be drawn a certain amount of energy, and by doing so water comes free, along with minerals and toxic substances such as urea and uric acid.

If the so-called miracle diet is over, you lost weight by consuming the glycogen stored in the liver, because it's going to look into the joints and muscles for energy and because it has lost water and minerals that are important for the body. This deficiency also ensures that the fabric will look for ways to stay hydrated  and going again as soon as you save to your normal eating habits starts fat and calories. Therefore, you lose the weight again soon.

3. The need to include healthy habits in our diet

If you feel more comfortable with a certain diet, then why would you stop it? We often because we have acquired habits that are not only wrong but also unhealthy.

Causes of Weight Gain after Dieting

You already know that the consumption of fats, sweet things or processed foods can increase your cholesterol and hypertension and other diseases that are very dangerous, may cause your heart. Therefore, you need to prevent weight gain sure that you incorporate this diet in your eating habits. This does not mean that you can never take anything sweet should eat or a piece of cake if you know you then those calories will burn again by some to Forum movement.

It is generally a good idea to consult a nutritionist if you want to lose weight. Sometimes provide some foods make us feel ill or us that certain combination are not good for us. It is without the doubt in the first place important to listen to your body and learn to understand it. If you find something works well, which is good for losing health and helps weight, you should always include it in your daily eating habits.

4. Changes in your routine

This often happens. One of the most common causes of weight gain is a change in habits or something that happens in our lives so we arrive again. Want some examples? You probably recognize some of these aspects though.

You're a few kilos lost, but at work  there is a change in your schedule, meaning you can change habits and after a short time are the kilos that you lost back.
You have relationship problems.
You begin to feel anxious about problems at work and at home.
You have been falling for the summer, but sometimes we relax so much during the holidays, and we go out to bars and parties ... and as a result get the kilos back.

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