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9 Bad Habits that Cause Weight Gain

When it comes to weight loss and fat burning, it is not just about dieting and counting calories. Some people adhere to a healthy diet and are still unable to lose weight; it seems nothing works for them. It is important to realize that several important aspects of weight loss than just what you eat. There are many daily habits that can affect your success and if we are not careful, there might even be sure that we get right.

It is not easy to achieve a healthy weight and maintain it. Here is a lot of dedication is needed, both in terms of our food and our daily habits. If you do not know what habits are whether a healthy diet can ensure you arrive, read on.

9 Bad Habits that Cause Weight Gain

Eating just before bedtime

The urge to eat in the evening just before going to bed usually comes not from hunger, but rather out of habit. People who have this craving, often for something sweet or calorie empire must understand that they will not help to lose weight . Let those treats are therefore just before bedtime. Keep yourself instead of fixed times when you will eat during the day and if you really need a snack, choose a piece of fruit.

Poor sleep habits 

9 Bad Habits that Cause Weight Gain

By staying awake until late at night or when you're not sleeping , you can lose sight of what you eat just one day. Research shows that sleep deprivation can lead to a hormonal imbalance that causes us not saturated hitting the food we eat, so we can eat more. 

Distraction while eating

It's a big mistake while eating TV watching on your phone or sitting behind the computer or is engaged in other distracting things. According to research conducted by the  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  consume people when they are derived up to 50% more calories. It is also shown that people who derived his post less saturated while eating and therefore perhaps the urge will later what to eat .

Stress and anxiety

9 Bad Habits that Cause Weight Gain

These two factors are perhaps the greatest enemy of weight loss and your overall sense of wellbeing. Both of them can be associated with what is also known as stress-food. Stress-eaters often have a need to eat more than usual and preferably sweets and junk food. For your weight, it is important to stress to avoid or reduce worry and anxiety. If this sometimes you just really do not? Try at those times than what to drink water or tea or eat some fruit.

Too fast food

Fast food has today become a habit and many people do not realize that the chewing of food is not only safer, but also supports the digestive system. It is recommended to release at least twenty minutes to eat without distractions and carefully chew . 

Sedentary lifestyle

9 Bad Habits that Cause Weight Gain

Having a sedentary lifestyle is one of the most common causes of obesity. This is often because people who take little exercise generally also tend to eat more. If you exercise enough, your body burns less and stores fatter.  Because of your diet, but also to prevent long-term serious illnesses, so it is very important that you get rid of that bank.

Skip breakfast

Whether it's because you do not have time in the morning or because you think you'll lose weight more quickly, skipping your breakfast is not just a bad habit, but it can lead to weight gain. This first meal of the day the namely metabolism going, so your body immediately start burning calories. a good breakfast consists of a combination of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats.

Eating too much salt

9 Bad Habits that Cause Weight Gain

Too much salt is not recommended, both for weight loss and for your overall health, because salt sees to it that the body fluid retention and can affect blood pressure. It is important to stick to a diet that is low in sodium and where salt is replaced other spices.

Drinking too little fluid

If we do not get enough fluid to start our kidneys to slow down, which causes toxins can not be removed and thus remain in the body. Experts recommend at least two liters of water to drink per day to stay well hydrated, prevent fluid retention and to cleanse the body of waste that it does not need. it is also 100% natural juice drink or tea. Try sodas and sugary beverages to avoid, since it can lead to weight gain by their composition and high sugar content.

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