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Health Benefits of Eggplant Water

If you want to promote weight loss and want to effectively reduce belly fat, you can combine a balanced diet with regular exercise and eggplant water for optimal results.

The eggplant is a unique vegetable, not only because of the many ways it can be used in the kitchen, but also thanks to its medicinal properties and the high concentration of nutrients it contains.

It is interesting to note that it for a long time avoided the food from aubergines because it was thought that the darker color of the skin meant that the vegetable was toxic. Ultimately, however, began the eggplant increasingly part of the daily diet of many cultures around the world, who discovered that the vegetable was not only non-toxic but rather healthy and easy to grow in most climates.

Health Benefits of Eggplant Water

Eggplant is not just an ingredient in several recipes. The high content of antioxidants and chlorogenic acid in the powerful eggplants ensures that eating vegetables also can be helpful in controlling cholesterol levels in combating the effects of free radicals and weight loss.

Most people still do not know how well the healing eggplant water for health. Therefore, we discuss in this article the healing power of water eggplant and the many ways you can use eggplant water medicinally in detail. Some will certainly surprise you!

Health Benefits of Eggplant Water

Lower Your Cholesterol 

Health Benefits of Eggplant Water
High cholesterol is one of the many complications that are now associated with cardiovascular problems. While checking cholesterol levels are usually required to be supervised by a doctor, there are some natural alternatives that can help reduce it, including eggplant water.

The active ingredient in eggplants which is helpful in this case is chlorogenic acid, which helps promote the removal of harmful lipids in the bloodstream.

The eggplant medicinal water also contains flavonoids that other heart problems related to high cholesterol help prevent.


The chlorogenic acid that we discuss above, it has also anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties which treat a variety of ailments, including rheumatism and arthritis.

People suffering cope with these conditions daily drinking water eggplant to improve their quality of life.

Fluid retention

One of the main reasons why medicinal eggplant water so popular when it comes to weight loss, because the strong diuretic works, which helps rid the body of excess fluid. Fluid retention is often the reason you suddenly get much heavier than normal.

Eliminate belly fat 

This may seem impossible, but in reality, it is one of the main advantages of eggplant water. Many years ago, researchers discovered that eggplant water is ideal for people who want to burn and want to improve their figure extra fat.

Health Benefits of Eggplant Water

This advantage is partly due to the diuretic and purifying properties of eggplant, which waste materials are removed from the body, weight loss improves.

The eggplant healing water also helps your liver and gall bladder to function properly. Both bodies play an important role in regulating your metabolism.

Women who want to lose weight around the waist or simply want to lose weight, eggplant water can add to their daily diet and exercise routine.

How to make healing water eggplant?

The preparation of this medicinal drink is simple - and the most fun, it takes very little time!

  • 1 medium eggplant
  • 1 liter of water
  • The juice of half a lemon
How to make
  • Wash the eggplant well and cut it into small pieces. Bring water to a boil and carefully add to the eggplant.
  • Reduce heat to low and simmer 25 minutes to cook until the eggplant is tender. Remove from heat and let stand at least an hour.
  • Pour the whole through a sieve and collect only the liquid on.
  • Add to be the lemon juice and stir well to make sure that the whole is mixed. Keep your healing eggplant water in a dark pot.
Remember: the water in which you cooked the eggplant can have a slightly bitter or unpleasant taste. To avoid this, you can put the eggplant before cooking it in a bowl and sprinkle with rock salt.

Toss the eggplant and salt well.
You will see that the salt gets a darker color after a short time. This is the substance that causes the bitter taste of eggplant. Finally, you should wash the eggplant to remove all the salt again before you can use it in the recipe above.
How to consume it? You can eggplant water several times drink throughout the day. Take your first cup before breakfast, you're second after lunch, a cup in the late afternoon and the last cup for supper.
Try this treatment for seven days consecutively, once or twice a month.

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