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Detoxify Your Body Naturally at Home

You feel like the whole world pass you mad. You feel sluggish, tired and sleepy, you nowhere ... but if you're really not at all! If you want to regain lost vitality and want to detoxify your body, read this article on.

Detoxify Your Body Naturally at Home

Before going in search of strange diseases, and your mind to lose, you have to even ask stuff you do to your body. Are you eating balanced? Do not you expose yourself to hazardous substances? Take your supplements without knowing what the exact effect of the ingredients? If that's the case, would it be time for a detoxification of your body? It is possible that toxic substances have accumulated in your body. And must, therefore, be eliminated, but how? Below we give you 10 recommendations to detoxify your body.

Why should I detox my body?

In these modern times, we are all subject to different types of infection: factories harmful substances into the atmosphere, beauty products with a profusion of chemicals, foods grown using pesticides ... It is made almost impossible for us to not be subject to are these forms of poisoning! And unfortunately, our body absorbs these harmful substances very easy, but they can not stop in an equally easy manner.

The digestive system provides other systems in the body of energy and information. Therefore, it can help a natural and healthy diet to eliminate harmful substances from our body and make us healthier. Here are two basic ways to detoxify your body:

Fasting on the basis of liquids

If juices and restrictive diets are your things, then you will love this method. It is based on the replacement of normal diet with water, fruit and vegetable juices, and infusions for one day. This will not only ensure that your body is detoxified, but that dead cells are removed, your skin rejuvenates and revitalizes your body. But before embarking on this adventure, you should see a doctor, you will be able to indicate when is the right time for you to fast, without taking health risks.

Enrichment and replace your daily diet

With this method, you replace unhealthy food with food that cleanses and energizes and making you feel light and lively. The nice thing about this method is that you can incorporate this way of eating into your daily diet and you can use it for a long time to sustain. You just always make sure you eat enough food, your body detoxifies. You can also choose to several days to only eat detoxifying diet. We suggest that green leafy vegetables, fruits, seeds, whole grains and white meat. Always drink plenty of water.

But wait! We had you promise to give 10 recommendations for detoxifying your body, right? You can find them below. Make your choice, combine them and detoxifies your body!

Detoxify Your Body: 10 recommendations

Recommendation 1: Juice of lemon

Detoxify Your Body Naturally at Home

Lemons is also called sometimes the fruit of a thousand possibilities. The name does not get his taste, but by the incredible features, it contains, making it a great detoxifying food. Lemon juice disinfects wounds, purifies the blood, cleanses the liver and kidneys, strengthens the respiratory system and soothes the nerves.

A single tablespoon lemon juice in a glass of warm water does miracles for detoxifying your body. It removes harmful substances gastrointestinal and helps prevent disorders of the throat. The effect is also stronger when you drink it for breakfast. Just drink this mixture daily, and you will soon perceive the effects.

Recommendation 2: Juice oranges

Oranges are the fruit of the sun. They are delicious and contain vitamins A, B2, B1 and C and also many minerals. Drinking orange juice at breakfast and you will find that your body fills with life, because your digestive system is cleaned. It promotes circulation and wound healing.

Recommendation 3: Grapes

Grapes are one of the primary detoxifying fruits. Do not hesitate to enjoy their delicious taste. They contain vitamin B and potassium and are useful for a lot of ailments: rheumatism, gout, arthritis, diseases of the kidney, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. They also have laxative properties, but on the other hand, will stop an infusion of the leaves of the grape plant diarrhea and curing hemorrhoids. So eat grapes!

Recommendation 4: Beets

Beets provide our bodies mainly of folic acid, iron, and vitamin A. It is said that this is the only type of food that can reverse osteoporosis. It is also used in the treatment of anemia, jaundice, loss of appetite, anxiety and bladder, liver and kidney problems. They eliminate uric acid from the body, provide a relief of the symptoms associated with menopause and prevent myomas. Eat least three times a week beets and you will purify your body and your blood.

Recommendation 5: Apples

Detoxify Your Body Naturally at Home

Apples are highly recommended for people who want to lose some weight. Why? Because of the high presence of fibers in apples cleanse your body. They also contain potassium and vitamins E and C. They also act as a light laxative and diuretic. They dissolve cholesterol and controlling diabetes and hypertension. When you add organic apples to your diet, you will relax more in the future and feel alive.

Recommendation 6: Peaches

This is a perfect fruit for a diet low in calories. It has laxative and diuretic properties and provides the body with vitamins A, B1, B2, and C. You can eat it as a vegetable, as well as tea. Place one peeled and sliced peach in water and let it cook for 1 minute. Drink morning two hot cups of this tea to cleanse your body, moisturize your skin and reconstruct your tissues.

Recommendation 7: Strawberries

Strawberries have such exquisite taste! They provide the body with iron, folic acid, salicylic acid and vitamin C. However, they do even more: every time you eat strawberries, you help your body to uric acid ( gout causes) to stop and bad cholesterol. Moreover, strawberries also have diuretic and anti-rheumatic properties and act as anti-inflammatory and astringent. They are used against anemia and diabetes. Eat strawberries every day and you will be healthier!

Recommendation 8: Okra

Okra has many uses in the kitchen. It contains a lot of fiber, vitamin B1, and B6, folic acid, nicotinic acid, iron, and calcium. Delicious okrasoepen do you salivating, purify the same time your body and prevent constipation.

Recommendation 9: Cucumber

So refreshing and healthy! Cucumber is great for the skin and body in general. It works diuretic, it purifies and can remove gallstones and kidney stones. It is also used in the treatment of prostate problems and disorders of the nervous system. Always eat cucumber in his natural state, well washed and peeled if desired. If you're into those things, you can also sprinkle cucumber with lemon.

Recommendation 10: Pineapple

The fruit of the queen! It fits perfectly in diets to lose weight and cleanse your body. It contains lots of vitamin C and stimulates digestion and bowel activity. Moreover, pineapple also eliminates parasites. You just can eat or drink as juice. You will feel quickly rejuvenate your body. It's a perfect way to start the day on an empty stomach.

Recommendation 11: Whole grains

Detoxify Your Body Naturally at Home

Food that is high in fiber, harmful substances will steer through the digestive system until they are excreted. Try whole grains and you will never want anything else. They additionally contain antioxidants and are very nutritious.

And finally a recommendation ...

So all you have left to do is to choose a method and set your own goals. Healthy eating is the basis of good health. Try new salads and juices and your body will undoubtedly be grateful.

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