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Why Walk is Favorable for the Brains

Perhaps the title of this article has you puzzled. Can the simple habit walk our brains make more creative and ensure that we are happier? Yes. Not only do we say this, the majority of doctors and neurologists are also agreed.

One of these experts, for example, neurologist Jose Angel Obeso, Director of the Centro Integral and Neurociencias (Centre for Advanced Neurosciences) in Madrid, Spain. His daily work at the hospital and interact with people suffering from depression helped him see how therapeutic it can be to people 'hours walking a day' to prescribe - in natural environment of course.

walk is favorable for the brains

As you might already know to depression and even long periods of high stress or anxiety ensure that a defect occurs in the basic cognitive processes in our brains, such as memory, understanding, creativity, etc. By walking every day, all these methods improve noticeably.

So you have no excuse. We are sure that after reading this article you bring this effective and therapeutic means in practice. So go for a walk!

The 'computerized brain' and unhappiness 

walk is favorable for the brains

There is another very interesting aspect that we must remember. Some habits, our brains, without us see through it, "automate" and thereby make stressed. Do not these aspects:
  • The greatest enemy of the brains is routine. Because every day more and does the same things, we fall into a kind of depression and an inevitable discouragement. Little by little, our brains will be slower. Our focus capability is no longer the same as before, namely because we do not have new incentives to focus. There may be gaps in our memory because almost nothing more exciting for us. By low motivation is our minds less active.
  • Routine reduces our enthusiasm and disincentive, and the result is noticeable in the brains. There is less neural connections, fewer synapses.
  • Day after day our brains are becoming more automatic react to things. There are no more moments of pleasure and creativity and brains are governed by guidelines. Our brains are controlled in the same way as a programmed computer. This is a big risk for our emotional health as well as our physical health.
According to Dr. Jose Angel Obeso especially people in big cities suffer from computerized brains,  people pretty much just paying attention to their emotional needs and those living in the towns where there is a lot of pollution and high-stress levels.

Walking, an act of personal freedom 

walk is favorable for the brains

"Hikers have no obligations, just the simple pleasure to extricate themselves with every step during the walk more." According to Dr. Jose Angel Obeso can not one day notice from the benefits of walking, but after at least a week, when walking has become a habit in our lives. We then begin to slowly notice the following therapeutic outcomes:
  • While walking have the brains to make themselves nowhere else to worry about. Walking is easy, anyone can do it. Plus you get an extra dose of oxygen in the pure air of nature that will make you even feel better. This time, the frontal lobe is stimulated,  which is associated with creativity and mood. As here also the natural release of endorphins is involved, will there really magic place only. The brains are more euphoric and optimistic.
  • An improved state of mind is associated with an increased creativity. There is no mention of pressure. The hormone cortisol, which the body produces when it stressful experience disappears and knocked down the walls of negativity. We can see things from a different angle. We are more relaxed, enthusiastic and confident.
  • As humans, we are accustomed to moving in confined spaces: our home, our workplace, the restaurants where we go, the supermarket where we go shopping ... These are all confined spaces and they are always full with people. These are areas that we know they usually make us tenser. The simple act to go hiking in a natural, open space is, however, seen as a great act of freedom and expansion. 
  • walk is favorable for the brains
  • According to Dr. Jose Angel Obeso, we would above all have to start looking for contact with nature. This contact can be seen as a return to the womb of our mother, our beginning. It is not a spiritual act, but rather a biological necessity. When we're in city walk, we continue to inhale a lot of pollution. It is, of course, better for our lungs to be filled with pure oxygen. It is also important for our eyes to be exposed to new environments and landscapes, new stimuli that can enrich our brains
We hope to motivate this article to take a walk every day, even if only for half an hour. Go to the park, the mountains or the beach. You will see that though both your physical and emotional health it will have improved within a few weeks. Walking is certainly much better than a painkiller or a vitamin pill.

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