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10 Tips for Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes can be a star dish at family occasions and dinners. You can prepare this popular side dish in dozens of different ways and it is delicious with a variety of recipes for almost any occasion.
Although mashed potatoes at first glance may seem simple to prepare, there will look good knowledge of proper technique. However, there are some tricks you can use to make your mashed potatoes every time is perfect and delicious.

Tips for Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Manage your mashed potatoes usually not as good as you had hoped? If you make tried sometimes mashed potatoes and have not managed to get a deliciously creamy and smooth work, we invite you to the next to try again ten tips to put the perfect mashed potatoes on the table.

Choose the right kind of potato for the perfect mashed potatoes 

Tips for Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Although you can not always notice the subtle differences, you should know that there are three types of potatoes exist: waxy, floral and mealy. If you want to make sure that you get mashed potatoes smooth and creamy, you should opt for floral or floury potatoes. The potato species is easily breakable, so the potato is very creamy.

Cut the potatoes into equal pieces

If you do not cut into pieces the potatoes that are all the same size, these pieces will all have different cooking times. The smaller pieces will cook faster than larger pieces. This means that the result of your mashed potatoes will not be as consistent as when all the pieces of cuts equally large. Try to cut the potatoes into small pieces to ensure that they will cook evenly and have a good consistency.

Make sure the potatoes are not wet 

Tips for Perfect Mashed Potatoes

There are a variety of ways you can ensure that your mashed potatoes light and fluffy. One of the best tricks is to let your potatoes well leak after they cooked you and then back into the pan while the stove is hot. Be sure that all unnecessary moisture evaporates. Is this fact not the case, it can ensure that your potatoes will be soggy and watery.

Use a potato masher

Do not use a blender, food processor or manual mixer. If you include too many blends them the potatoes, then will break down the starch in the potatoes and you get a sticky mashed potatoes eventually. That's why you should use a potato masher.  This requires indeed a little more effort, but the result will be worth it.

Mix the ingredients they last

Similar to the situation we described above, it is also important that you after you manually mashed potatoes carefully the cream, milk or butter blends through.

Do not add cold cream or milk 

Tips for Perfect Mashed Potatoes

When you add cream or milk to your potatoes, make sure that it first became hot, so that it can be easily absorbed by the potatoes. This way you avoid the need for all to have to work too long.

Do not add too much liquid

Although you indeed cream, milk or mayonnaise (and more!) Can add to your recipe, it is still better not to add excessive amounts of these ingredients so your mashed potatoes is not too watery. Have you ever accidentally too much liquid added, then the only solution to add more potatoes.

With a little butter goes a long way 

Tips for Perfect Mashed Potatoes

The best chefs recommend you to use 200 grams of butter per 450 grams of potatoes, so keep the two ingredients in balance. This will ensure that your potatoes are soft.

Forget the salt out

When cooking potatoes it is important too, as with the cooking of pasta, which salt to add to the water. As a result, the potatoes absorb the salt more quickly, and it will be easier to grind them. Nothing - not even butter - potatoes can give you as much flavor as the flavor you add from the start.

Do not wait until the last moment

Like many other foods is mashed the tastiest when it just made, not when the serve is warmed again. A good tactic is to prepare the ingredients a day before meals so that you on the night only the potatoes need to cook, mashing and mixing with the other ingredients.

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