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Tips for Healthy Hair Naturally at Home

Do you worry about the health of your hair ? Probably wants you, like many others, make your hair look beautiful, full and healthy looking. It is true that in order to get her spectacular good to take care of every day. This care also includes the scalp.

Tips for Healthy Hair Naturally at Home

Fortunately, there are  several products and resources that can make your hair shiny  looking and healthy.
For hair that looks so nice that everyone is jealous, you might consider trying a few special hair care tricks. In today's article, we will give you 8 tips that you can use every day.

Tips for Healthy Hair Naturally at Home

1. Proper use of shampoo

To ensure that your hair shines and looks good after you've washed, it is very important that you rinse the shampoo.  If there are leftovers of the product remain in your hair, your hair will look greasy and dull. well, take the time to wash your hair and rinse as long as necessary.

2. The type of brush

The best brushes are made of wood and natural bristles, so your fluff  can prevent and upstanding tufts. If you use a synthetic brush, you can break it and will look wild.

3. How to brush your hair

If you want your shining hair and looks healthy, it's a good idea to brush it every night to activate the circulation and thereby stimulate growth. If you have curly hair, it's best a comb using coarse teeth or a natural bristle brush, so you do not create too much fluff or volume.

4. Keep paragraphs healthy

The split ends often look burned out or show damage from too much sun exposure or warming its products. There is numerous treatment or who promise the health of your hair ends  to recover, but the best way to care is to (let) in them just cut them regularly. So get your hair follicles more oxygen and stimulates growth.

5. Healthy food

Your diet plays as it is an important role in maintaining a healthy your hair because  it gives it what it needs to strongly  make and shiny. Try to eat that contain high amounts of vitamin E more foods such as green leafy vegetables, nuts and avocado. It's also a good idea to consume more omega-3 fatty acids from sources such as oily fish, seeds, nuts and olive oil.

6. Drink more water

Just like your skin, hydration is very important for the health of your hair. Outside the use of air conditioners and other products that moisturise, it is essential that you drink enough fluids and start drinking more water.

7. Keep your hairstyle simple and natural

Brushing and combing every day can be quite a challenge if you do not take the time to find a hairstyle that suits your hair style and type. If you find it difficult to find a simple, natural style, try the following steps:
  • Kam half of your hair back and secure it. Try to stabbing among the rest of your hair.
  • Use a comb on the upper part in order to give it more volume.
  • With a curling iron on the lowest setting, you give to get some form of a number of parts by small pieces and turning outward.
  • Finally, use a little gel or hairspray to strengthen it.

Other tips

The use of  natural resources to make your hair stronger is a good way to improve health, restore it and you look great showing off.
  • Prepare a mask of avocado and olive oil and apply it on your hair. Let it sit for fifteen minutes.
  • Hydrate your hair with coconut oil have, especially if you split ends.
  • Create a means of equal parts apple cider vinegar and water  and spray it on your hair with a spray bottle to remove oil and prevent dandruff and restore the pH of your scalp.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Use a restorative after each visit to the beach or pool.

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