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The Best Food for Beautiful Hair, Nails and Skin

Our appearance says a lot about our health. When our skin, hair and nails look beautiful, this fact indicates how healthy we are. See your hair, nails, and skin is not perfect yet out? Then read this article which foods you can eat to improve these aspects of your body.

The Best Food for Beautiful Hair, Nails and Skin

First, it is important that you follow a balanced diet. This diet would be absolutely no fast food or greasy food may contain. Of course fries occasionally delicious, but unfortunately it is definitely not good for your health. Recent studies show that your body is a good diet, both inside and outside is healthy.

It is very important what foods you put in your body. In your diet should not missing any of the following nutrients: vitamins A, B and C, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, biotin, and antioxidants. So if you want to get really love beautiful hair, skin and nails, it would be wise to include these foods in your diet.

The best food for beautiful hair, nails and skin


Salmon is one of the healthiest fish you can possibly eat. If it can't salmon should consume about two to three times a week to take advantage of the many health benefits of this fish. Salmon contains a large amount of omega 3 fatty acids and regular consumption of these fish will, therefore, ensure that your hair stronger and shinier and your skin will be well hydrated. And if this is not enough, includes salmon also again vitamin B12, a vitamin that can contribute to the strengthening of the nails.


Vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage and so on are a great source of vitamin A, B and C, and zinc. These are all nutrients that the body needs to regenerate the skin and to ensure that both the skin and the hair and the nails stay healthy. And the good news is that there are all sorts of delicious recipes to prepare these vegetables.


The Best Food for Beautiful Hair, Nails and Skin

Beans are rich in iron, biotin, and proteins. Lentils and kidney beans, also known as kidney beans, also belong to this group and should, therefore, be part of your diet. Beans are essential to have strong hair and nails. In addition, Biotin, also called vitamin H or B8 , which contain beans to ensure that the hair and nails grow faster.


Oatmeal, wheat, brown rice and Brussels sprouts all contain a good amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants can counteract free radicals, which can damage the skin and hair. Whole wheat also contains silica, an excellent mineral that can ensure that you get strong and healthy hair.


The Best Food for Beautiful Hair, Nails and Skin

Brazil nuts are in this case it is best to eat, but do not worry if you can not find this note. The other notes you can achieve your goal. All types of nuts are in fact rich in selenium, a mineral that can improve the health of your scalp (especially useful if you suffer from dandruff ). In addition, selenium is an antioxidant that stimulates the immune system and may help prevent skin cancer. Nuts are also a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which, as we previously indicated, may be helpful in getting healthy and shiny hair.


This aromatic herb has a well-known flavour and is therefore used in many recipes. Parsley is an excellent source of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Parsley carries a very important power in it. Consuming this herb sees to it that our blood vessels and our body tissues (especially the capillaries) remain healthy. You'll have a great looking skin of it. You can also drink a juice of parsley. Mix this a few sprigs of parsley with two cups of water and the juice of one lemon. Drink this juice then during the day on an empty stomach.


This orange vegetable is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. This ensures that roots are perfect for restoring hair and in order to ensure that hair grows back again. In addition, vitamin A and antioxidants also prevent premature skin aging. The two have a nourishing and restorative powers. Drink carrot juice every day and you'll see results within weeks.


The juice of this vegetable works in two ways. It can cause your hair to grow, and the high content of sulfur and silica can also help prevent your hair falling out. When you combine cucumber with root, then you promote cellular nutrition noticeable.

Alfalfa sprouts

The Best Food for Beautiful Hair, Nails and Skin

This germ vegetable is rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorous, enzymes, and chlorophyll. You can alfalfa sprouts combine with roots (eg grated into a salad). The vegetable nourishes the hair and skin, improves cellular regeneration and eliminates fat and toxins that affect the health of your cuticles.

Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, making it a good way to nourish the skin and at the same time. In addition, the fine oil great antioxidant properties, so it can be used to the premature aging counter at the cellular level. Make sure you use only good quality olive oil.


Whether it be red, green or yellow peppers are, they all contain fluorine and silicon, two elements that are essential for having a healthy skin and nails. Drinking when consuming chillies what carrot juice for optimal results.


The Best Food for Beautiful Hair, Nails and Skin

This bulb should always be present in every kitchen (you can combine particularly well with potato and egg). Onions are a great source of iron, phosphorus, silica, calcium and potassium. By eating frequently onions you ensure your hair stays healthy and vital. This is mainly because onions have a cleansing effect on the liver and the intestines. Try as it is possible also to eat raw onion to get a more beautiful, younger looking skin.

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