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Make Eggs in the Shape of a Heart

Would you give a unique twist to your breakfast or supper? Skip this opportunity or not to surprise your partner on. It's super fun and will surely bring a smile to the face of your beloved.

Eggs have always been a versatile product that many opportunities in the kitchen. In this article, we want three ways to share with you how your eggs can prepare romantic in the shape of a heart.

Make eggs in the shape of a heart

Make eggs in the shape of a heart

At first glance, this may seem all very difficult, but we assure you that it is both super simple and great fun to do. Even so simple and fun that we sure that you will try it more than once.

Make eggs in the shape of a heart

What do need? 

  • 1 hard-boiled egg
  • 2 elastics
  • A stick of 20 cm long
  • A piece of cardboard of 20 x 15 cm


  • It's very simple. To start you cook the egg in the same way as you normally would .
  • Once the egg is hard-boiled, quickly remove the scale. While the egg is still hot, hit him in the form that you have created, so that your egg is a heart.
  • How to make the shape? This is also very simple. Grab your piece of cardboard with it and fold it in half. Then stop here between the egg.
  • As you can see from the above picture, it is supposed to plug the stick right in the middle of the egg. In order to keep everything in place, wrap the elastic around the cardboard.
  • Leave the egg in the shape flagged cool for half an hour. Then you can gently remove the stick. The only thing you need to do is cut the egg in half and voila, the magic will both halves in the shape of a heart. Use this "heart-boiled" eggs as part of a nice breakfast.

Lol with a fried egg in the form of a heart

By now you know how a hard-boiled egg can give the shape of a heart. Maybe you do not expect to do the same with a fried egg. Well, we'll show you how to do this now two original ways. Choose for yourself which you find the most fun or just use them both.

Make eggs in the shape of a heart

Eggs with sausage 

  • So simple and so fun. The first thing you should do is pick up sausages at home that are long and thin enough to make hearts of. Some people use instead of sausages also vegetables, pepper strips or even potatoes. Decide for yourself what you prefer. For a great breakfast or dinner sausages do it anyway always good.
  • Use kitchen tongs or a toothpick to the sausages in the shape of a heart to love and fry them in this form in the skillet. Then you break a very careful egg in the middle. Use if necessary a wooden spoon. Try to use a skillet that is good and delicate.
  • Gradually you will breeze yarn. The following, just as delicate step, is to get your egg together with the sausage from the pan on the plate without breaking the egg. If you succeed, you'll get the job done successfully. Do not forget to decorate your heart with some ketchup, so just call or the arrow of Cupid is shot through the heart.

Make eggs in the shape of a heart

The easiest technique: use a form 

  • There are molds that are specially designed to make fried eggs in the shape of a heart. The shapes have a small handle to make things easier. To make the egg this way you just put some olive oil in a frying pan and break the egg into the shape flagged when the oil is hot.
  • The egg will fry quickly and without problems. Put your egg fried then only briefly on a plate and voila! You can also use this form to express hearts of bread. Do this and do your heart a moment in the toaster and then you lay eggs on it. Nice original.
  • Some experts in this field may even make the egg yolk in the form of a heart  when the egg left in the pan. How do they do this? With a wooden spoon. They move the egg yolk in a way that it takes the shape of a heart.

Remember that eggs are always a good choice for breakfast. They are packed with protein, perfect to start the day. And as long as you keep your portions in balance, you do no have to worry about the cholesterol that contains eggs. Are you ready to make some hearts for breakfast?

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