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8 Healthy Flavored Water Recipes

There is no doubt that water exists is the healthiest beverage you can drink every day. It is essential to drink water every day, so your body stays hydrated and can enjoy all the health benefits. Sometimes it is just a bit boring to always drink only water and we pull in something that has a little more flavor. If that's you, take a look at this list of delicious varieties of flavored water.

Healthy Flavored Water Recipes

If you do not want to reach for sugary or caffeinated beverages, then making vitamin water is a good option. Have you ever heard of this?

Vitamin Water is usually a homemade drink that is packed with vitamins and taste where you can enjoy every day. Vitamin Water is also an excellent option sometimes something else to drink than normal water and also you at the same time benefit from all the advantages and has a beneficial effect on your body.

These drinks are very simple to make, without the use of colorings or flavorings, and contain all the various types of fruit and spices.

8 Healthy Flavored Water Recipes

1. Water with green tea, mint and lime

This water is great to stimulate fat burning, improve digestion, relieve headaches, ease congestion and freshen your breath. You can drink the beverage when it is very cold to refresh yourself. For even better results, we recommend to drink a glass of the morning on an empty stomach and a few glasses during the day.

2. Water with strawberry and kiwi 

Thanks to its refreshing taste you will surely adore this wonderful vitamin lotion. It provides your body with a lot of vitamins that can strengthen the immune system, improve digestion and cardiovascular health and can lower blood sugar.

3. Water with cucumber, lime and lemon

This drink is great to refresh yourself on those sunny summer days while enjoying the benefits of the citrus and cucumber. The properties can help your immune system a boost, counter distension, appetite under control for maintain and promote digestion. This drink is especially recommended for people who want to lose weight like.

4. Water with lemon, lime and orange

This vitamin water makes citrus base has properties that the immune system more resistant to multiple viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It can help prevent colds and flu, stimulate digestion and heartburn counter. We recommend to drink this drink room temperature.

5. Water with pineapple and sage

This delicious drink is blood purifying, helps to purify the body and stimulates the removal of toxins to protect the body. The beverage is refreshing and you will definitely enjoy the delicious taste on those hot summer days.

6. Water with lemon, grapefruit and mint 

The combination of citrus with mint leaves gives this vitamin water a delicious taste. You can drink more than a liter per day and as a result, you will have a stronger immune system, cleanse your body and improve your overall health.

7. Water with melon and watermelon

Melon and watermelon are known for their water content, delicious taste and a large amount of vitamins that benefit your health. This vitamin water is great to go to stimulate fat burning against fluid retention, purify the body and keep your skin super hydrated.  We recommend this drink for people who want to lose weight or people who have dry skin found.

8. Water with blackberries, lemon, and mint

This vitamin water is a powerful antioxidant that prevents chronic diseases and stimulates the regeneration of cells. Through this consuming water regularly will keep your body hydrated, removing toxins are stimulated and you counter on track to premature aging.

How to make vitamin flavored waters? 

Vitamin Water is very simple to make and you can daily vary the taste to make some enjoyable drinking water. Remember that your body water needs to stay hydrated and therefore you should drink a good amount each day depends on your weight.
  • First, you choose which fruits and herbs you want to use and was this thoroughly.
  • Then you cut the fruit into chunks or slices and you put this together with a liter of water and the herbs of your choice in a decanter.
  • Let the water stand in the refrigerator for five to six hours, so that the color, taste and aroma can take on.
  • Then your water is ready to be drunk and take advantage of all the great benefits.
The amount of fruits and herbs you use, you can decide depending on the desired intensity of color, flavor, and aroma. For starters, you can use one or two pieces of fruit and also sweeten your drink through honey.


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