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7 Exercises to Reduce Double Chin Fast

In this article, we will talk about the chin. The chin may be a very small part of the body, this does not mean that the part is unimportant, both aesthetically and medically. The accumulation of fat in this part of the body is not attractive, but can also indicate cardiometabolic risk.

7 Exercises to Reduce Double Chin Fast

The chin may accumulate fat, but the chin can also look limp and dangling. Fortunately, there is a solution where no surgery is involved and you can still get a healthy, beautiful and representative chin. If you suffer from overweight, try to lose a few pounds or try to do some exercises to make the muscles in the neck and chin stronger. Below, we share a routine that you can use to shrink your chin.

7 Exercises to Reduce Double Chin Fast

1. By pressing the tongue

First, you start by sitting down with your back completely straight and your shoulders loose, you will stretch out your neck (turn your head back as if trying to look at the ceiling). Once you are in this position, press your tongue against your palate while you bend your head forward (try your chin touch your chest). Then relax your tongue and turn your head back to the starting position. Do every day for twenty repetitions of this exercise.

2. Pout and tilt

7 Exercises to Reduce Double Chin Fast

This exercise allows you to perform either seated or standing. Roll your lips all the way in (a pout that you tighten the muscles in your neck). Then, bend your head forward with your chin toward your chest, keeping the muscles in your neck tense. Do this exercise without bending your back or retrieve your shoulders. Complete the exercise by returning to the starting position. Do daily about twenty repetitions of this exercise.

3. The 'O'

As with the previous exercises is the intention that you perform this exercise with a straight back and relaxed shoulders. Bend your neck back and do the lips together to create an 'O' sound.

Hold this position for about twenty seconds. Then you go again be in the starting position. Do daily ten repetitions of this exercise.

4. The ceiling cushion

To do this exercise requires that you stand and you relax your shoulders completely. In this posture, you stretch out your neck (bend your head back as if you look at the ceiling).

Then pucker your lips like you're going to kiss the ceiling. Try to get your lips far up as you can, while you feel the muscles in your neck and chin are harder. Try to hold this position for at least five seconds, then release and then resumes its initial position. Repeat this exercise by day about fifteen times in a row.

5. Neuropathies

7 Exercises to Reduce Double Chin Fast

Neuropathies you can perform both standing and sit. Try to keep your spine as straight as possible and turn your chin then from one shoulder to the other shoulder. Do this by sliding across your chest with your chin, which you will create a crescent. Your shoulders all the time would relax should be. Do ten repetitions per day.

6. Direction sides

This exercise would have to carry you in the following position: sit on the floor, hold pressed a hand against the floor support , about fifteen cm from your hip from. Place your left hand on top of your head. Try your right ear to keep your shoulder while you head with your left hand lightly pressed down. Hold for ten seconds and then do the same on the other side of your body. Do daily three repetitions per side.

7. The vowel game

Start by standing straight with your spine completely straight.
Speak slowly and clearly all the vowels from open wide your mouth. This exercise would be repeated as often as possible.

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