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How to Keep your Eyes Healthy Naturally

The look of your eyes can tell a lot about your inner health. Be so aware of the evidence that you give your eyes. Have you ever noticed that nowadays more and more people on the street with glasses on? Not to make a fashion statement and not as the eye has suddenly become much better - it is precise because these people might not have taken good care of their eyes. In this article, you can learn how to keep your eyes healthy and not just wear lenses, but can avoid more serious problems in the future.

How to keep your eyes healthy naturally

Healthy eyes are important

Of course, you can decide what you do with your body and what habits you keep after, but if there's one thing you should care about, it's the health of your eyes and the dangers and risks that your eyes damage. This means more than just drinking carrot juice for vitamin A content (you remember your grandfather told you how healthy roots do not have the eyes? Perhaps your grandfather you ever asked in jest or you've ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses).

How to keep your eyes healthy naturally

To have, it is indeed important to get enough vitamin A healthy eyes. This vitamin namely prevents infections and is simultaneously against and reduces pressure on the optic nerve. The optic nerves are now increasingly burdened by the use of computers, mobile phones , tablets, and televisions. In addition to carrots and vitamin A. However, there is still a long list of other natural resources that can help improve the eye and vision.  The vision might the most important sense you have.

How to keep your eyes healthy naturally

Tips to protect the health of your eyes

First you should know that your eyes are part of your nervous system. In order to keep your eyes healthy, you have to try as little as possible to have suffered from stress and get plenty of rest. Some tips to help you with this are:
  • Eat food that is rich in minerals, such as fruits, vegetables, and seaweed.
  • Make sure your eyes get enough oxygen by taking conscious, slow, deep breaths.
  • Try to pick up relaxing activity to calm down your nervous system from within, such as yoga or tai chi.

What are the symptoms of eye problems?

Poor eyesight and the need to wear glasses or contact lenses are not the only consequences that may be caused by imbalances in the body due to bad habits or lack of proper eye care.
This list includes:

1. Increased mucus production

We are talking about the mucus that accumulates while sleeping in the corners of your eyes. If you notice that your body produces more mucus during the night or day than usual, it may be that there are too many toxins in your body are , trying to eliminate your body in every way possible. The solution is to detoxify or cleanse your body. This means that your dairy, fried foods, meat, sugar, and salt should be avoided. Additionally, you many need to drink more water and fresh food to eat.

2. Itchy eyes

Itchy eyes can be a sign that you do not sleep enough, but the itching can also be caused by poor circulation in the eye area , or if your diet is generally not balanced. A technique that always works is to sit in a comfortable position and looking upwards without moving your head. Just turn your eyes towards the ceiling.

Do your eyes a few times to open and close, while continuing to look towards the ceiling all the time. This will stimulate blood circulation in your eye tissue, giving you more energy. Do not forget to include fresh fruit and water in your diet to take.

3. Swollen eyelids

We are not talking about the way your eyes get swollen when you cry you (whether it was by cutting an onion, watching a sad movie or emotional reaction to something else). If your eyelids swell unexpectedly sudden, this may be because the kidneys are not working properly or because the kidneys just working too hard.

Maybe you do your makeup too harshly or do not have enough clean your eyes at night. What can you do? Plenty of exercise, morning pineapple or orange juice drink, sleep better and milder makeup products used can all help to improve your problem.

4. Stye

How to keep your eyes healthy naturally

Although some people think that stye is caused by a virus, are a stye, however, due to an accumulation of toxins in the body by a poor diet, overeating or a specific vitamin deficiency. Try eating salty, sweet, fried and fatty foods to be avoided. a home agent that is often working to a heating object which is made of gold, such as, for example, a ring, and to provide a couple of times at the sty.

5. Red and watery eyes

If you've exhausted yourself completely by hours to work successively on the computer or when you are exposed to pollution or chemicals, your lenses have too long leave or have slept too little, then you can be eyes red and watery (sometimes without apparent reason).

Try your eyes to give some more rest by her example, every hour that you worked behind closing the computer as two minutes. Wear contact lenses only at the recommended intervals, drink more water and try not to spend too much time in environments where the air has a low quality.

6. Dull eyes

Some people worry because they feel that their eyes are 'lifeless' look. This symptom can be caused by a variety of factors, including:
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Anemia
  • A disease
  • Fatigue
  • grief
  • stress
One of the best ways to deal with dull eyes, for example by yourself relaxes by going hiking or maybe even make an appointment with a psychologist, someone who can tell you how you can tackle the underlying problem best. Remember also healthier to eat at night to rest enough and do not drive yourself to the limit.

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