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16 Tips to Stay Cool in Summer Heat

16 Tips to stay cool in summer heat

16 Tips to stay cool in summer heat

1. Eat and drink cold

Cold food and drinks refresh your body and the environment is warm. Hot food warms the extra body. Drink cold drinks. Make sure your freezer is filled with ice cubes and take the occasional ice cream. Eat cool salads with summery ingredients so you have to cook as much as possible. Cooking, baking and roasting raise the temperature in the house.

2. Eat cooling vegetables and herbs

According to Ayurveda have vegetables warming or cooling properties. For example, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, zucchini and refreshing coconut, artichoke, onion, tomatoes, beets, kohlrabi and peppers warming.

According to the same Ayurveda, there are also cooling herbs. Add them to your food or put a tea. A (fresh) mint tea is a good idea.

These herbs would be cool to work:

- Currency 
- Fennel seeds 
- Parsley 
- Coriander 
- Dill 
- Cardamom 
- Cumin

3. Alcohol in moderation

A nice cool glass of wine or cocktail looks more attractive when it is hot. But a lot of alcohol and heat do not mix. The alcohol extracts moisture from your body. Drink at least for each drink that you drink the same amount of water to maintain your body fluids.

4. Eat frequent small meals.

The more you eat, the more heat your body to digest it. Avoid foods that are rich in protein (protein food) that require more energy to digest.

5. Cool your wrists

Keep your wrists every few hours for a few seconds under cold water. Over there an artery through your wrists and that cools your blood.

6. Keep the heat outside

Hold as long as the sun shines curtains and shutters closed. When the sun and the worst heat of the day have passed, throw everything open again. then put the windows open against each other.

7. Replace your body lotion on after the sun

Are often refreshing ingredients after the sun. It works on hot days better than a greasy body lotion that retains moisture so that sweat evaporates more difficult.

8. Eat spicy

It may seem contradictory, but add some tasty peppers and chili paste into your food. The peppers stimulate circulation and leave you extra sweat which cools your body.

9. Take a lukewarm shower or bath

It might be tempting to take a cold shower, but then your body will produce extra heat to take the temperature. A lukewarm shower or bath, just slightly cooler than your body temperature, works best. Especially before going to sleep.

10. Go for cotton

Choose airy light cotton clothing. Cotton absorbs sweat and it evaporates making you feel cooler. Synthetic clothes do not absorb moisture so that perspiration. The same applies to synthetic bedding.

11. Extra moisture

Drink more than you normally do. Water is the best choice, and occasionally fruit juice and herbal teas are also fine. Like too boring just water? Then flavored waters.

12. Less Caffeine

Let coffee, tea (herbal tea is in no caffeine), energy drinks and chocolate just for what it is. The caffeine stimulates the metabolism and that provides more heat in the body. Caffeine also works the diuretic while your body moisture in hot weather to good use.

13. Ice packs

Use an ice pack or cold pack, or better yet, take two. Put one in the freezer and keep the other with you when cooling. Swap them if one gets too hot. You can also put them under your pillow when you go to sleep when it's hot . The underside of your pillow is then cold. Turn it frequently.

14. Drink chrysanthemum tea

According to experts working this Chinese chamomile tea refreshing and cooling. It is for sale online or at specialty tea shops.

15. Cool your bedding

Put your bedspread or sheet you a few hours before you go to sleep in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

16. Cool your laptop and your legs

Do you enjoy putting on your laptop? A cooler for your laptop cool not only your computer, it also keeps your legs cool.

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