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Health Benefits Of Lemon And Warm Water In The Morning

Many people drink immediately after getting a cup of coffee to wake up. Drinking however hot lemon water has many advantages, especially in winter. This great substitute for caffeine is easy: press half a lemon in a glass of warm water and voilĂ .

Health Benefits Of Lemon And Warm Water In The Morning

Internal benefits of drinking lemon water

Drinking hot lemon water on an empty stomach is good for your body. Some of the key benefits are:
  • It supports your immune system: Lemon is rich in vitamin C and thereby helps the body in the prevention of colds. In addition, the fruit is a good source of potassium and this mineral stimulates the nervous system and brain function and keep blood pressure under control.
  • It balances the pH: Although lemon is a citrus fruit, its food increases the acidity in the body is not. Lemon is in fact one of the most alkaline foods that exist and can thereby precisely reduce the acidity.
  • It promotes weight loss: Lemon contains pectin and therefore goes against hunger and fear. By maintaining an alkaline diet, you lose weight faster.
  • It contributes to a good digestion :  Lemon removes unwanted substances from the body and promotes bile production. Also, the risk of stomach acid and the constipation is reduced.
  • It works diuretic:  Lemon purifies the body and allows toxins easier to remove, so the urinary tract stay healthy.
It relieves respiratory problems: Due to the mixture of warm water and lemon can be solved respiratory infections and will pass cough. Therefore, this mixture is also helpful in asthma and allergies.

Other advantages of hot lemon water

In addition to the above health benefits, in the morning it provides lemon drink of hot water a number of other fine advantages:
  • It purifies the skin: Vitamin C makes wrinkles and dark spots less visible and removes toxins from the blood, which will also be visible in the face. You can apply lemon directly or diluted with water on your face to show off your skin look better. Please note: only do at night.
  • It freshens your breath: Lemon juice can be used to treat toothache or toothache and gum disease, but be careful, namely citric acid can also cause tooth erosion.
  • It keeps you "Zen":  When you stress experience, your body loses vitamin C and this loss can be replenished by means of lemon.
  • It helps you on your caffeine addiction: By drinking lemon water, you need less caffeine or coffee. You will start day so in a healthier way.

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