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7 Ways To Use Lemon For Beauty

Lemons not only give a wonderful flavor to food but also known for the many benefits they provide for our health and beauty. They contain astringents and disinfectants and can purify the skin. In addition, lemons rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and other substances that help regulate the natural acidity of the skin and remove excess sebum.

7 Ways To Use Lemon For Beauty

Not for nothing did beauty queen Cleopatra loved using lemons to maintain its good looks. In this article, you will find some ways to take advantage of the many beauty benefits of lemon.

7 Ways To Use Lemon For Beauty

1. Lemons are good for the skin

Lemons are very good for the skin, especially for people with oily skin. The astringent properties that remove this fruit have helped excess sebum on the skin and the skin generally better to show off.

However, it is important to remember that you have only in the evening to apply this treatment and never during the day. Exposure to the sun can cause skin patches. We also recommend lubricating the day after the treatment the skin with sunscreen.

Treat the skin with lemon by simply squeezing some lemon juice on a cotton ball and thus, lubricate the face.

2. Exfoliate the lips

There are many factors affecting the health and appearance of your lips can influence, often dry and cracked lips as a result. Los lubricate the problem simply by bedtime some lemon juice on your lips. You will therefore soon see the difference. Lemon keeps lips hydrated and clear away dead skin cells.

3. Highlights in your hair

This is one of the most famous beauty benefits of lemon. To make your hair lighter or for creating highlights you simply apply some lemon juice on those parts of the hair that you want to light up and go then sit in the sun. This will ensure that your hair lighter and a golden glow get. in order to achieve the desired results, you can apply this treatment is best once a week.

4. Blackheads counter

The astringent and antibacterial properties of lemon help remove excess sebum on the skin. Lemons are therefore the perfect tool for those pesky blackheads prevent and remove waste below the surface. Coat the skin in the evening in some lemon juice, let it sit for ten minutes and rinse it off with cold water. Do this never before exposing your skin to the sun.

5. Improve darkening of the skin

Acne, exposure to the sun, certain diseases, eating habits and other factors can cause unsightly blemishes on the skin. A good way to reduce the appearance of these spots or discoloration is by applying some lemon juice on the spots, let it sit fifteen minutes and then rinse with cold water. Again, do this only in the evening and avoid exposure to the sun.

6. Stronger and more beautiful nails

Exposure to chemicals, household chores and lots of bad habits, the nails make weak and spotty. Lemon is an excellent way to solve this problem. The nails get an even color and simultaneously stronger. Mix this lemon juice with two tablespoons of olive oil and varnish allows the nails as you would do with nail polish.

7. Care of the armpits

The lemon contains citric acid kills all bacteria that cause odors and so you can use lemons as the excellent natural deodorant under the armpits. Also, skin discoloration in this area of the body will be reduced by lemon.

Simply mix some lemon juice along with some oatmeal and a little honey and apply this paste under the armpits. Let it sit for an hour and then rinse it off with water.

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